Business Planning and Advice

We know from experience that there are times and circumstances when clients need an extra helping hand of a more broad-based commercial nature.

We can help by offering short term support to help you achieve your goals without the expense of employing a full time person. We will work hand in hand to develop a business plan and help you present this to your bank in a format which they will readily understand and use for a rapid decision making process. Consideration needs to be given to the following:-

Strategy and Vision - where are we now, where do we want to get to - and how to get there?

Marketing - providing the product that people want, not just providing the product you happen to have.

Branding - ensuring a product is recognised for its true value, i.e. value not price!

Sales - functions and controls in support of the objectives.

Service Levels -essential for repeat business.

Supplier Development - suppliers are every bit as important as customers.

Positive Culture - is everyone in the organisation "on your side"?

None of the above is rocket science but we are often too wrapped up IN the business to work ON the business and we need some professional help to move forward.

The combination of financial and commercial support offered by us is designed to result in giving you more profit and less stress...


Free of Charge Services

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